Software to prevent Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing activities

  • Comply with Regulations With AMLcheck you can comply with anti-money laundering regulations, both nationally and internationally, adapting the latest legal requirements with agility to your business.
  • Decrease risks in your business Reduce legal and reputational risks by preventing your company from being subject to financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Reduce operational costs Through Machine Learning, and thanks to its automated processes, your company can reduce costs both in terms of the analyst's time and investment in resources.
  • Check suppliers and third parties AMLcheck also allows you to verify and control suppliers and third parties in general to mitigate Compliance risks in your business activity.

AMLcheck: Anti-Money Laundering / Counter Terrorist Financing Software

AMLcheck is an advanced technological solution that helps companies prevent Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing activities in their business. From an only AML softwarecompanies can prevent, detect and investigate suspicious activity.

AMLcheck permits, among other features, to identify people or assets in the onboarding process, to score the clients profile from the database, based on the available information, and to make post-execution analysis of the transactions by defining control scenarios to detect suspicious behaviour.

Why AMLcheck? Client login

  • Screening During the onboarding process, manual and automatic check of people and assets and comparison with lists of sanctioned and politically exposed persons (PEP). Download of evidences in PDF format.
  • UPDATED LISTS AMLcheck provides access to Dow Jones' information and permits the integration of other public and private lists with which you can have a partnership or agreement.
  • KYC and score Analysis of each client based on the defined KYC processes (Know-Your-Client) to establish a score or RBA and the monitoring of your activities.
  • EARLY DETECTION Through an alert system, you can detect and analyze suspicious activity and establish control scenarios to prevent risks in your business.

Protect your company with the most complete solution

For the Screening process, we are partnered with Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, global leader in data intelligence for anti-money laundering,  anti-corruption and to prevent economic sanctions.

At AMLcheck, we provide our clients with information on more than 500 official sanctioned lists (OFAC, SECO, UN, etc.) and information on Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) according to international guidelines on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (FATF, Wolfsberg principles, European Union, etc.). It is a continuously updated database with information from almost 2 million people around the world.

AMLcheck is the most complete solution:

  • Valid for every type of activity and business.
  • Covers all areas and jurisdictions.
  • Multi-customer and multi-language platform.
  • Available both on-premises and SaaS.
  • Offers integration with other platforms (ERP, CRM, etc.).


AML/CTF Solution for Regulated Industries

AMLcheck is trusted by several companies obligated to enforce regulatory requirements. We help them comply with Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing regulation around the world.



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