AMLcheck Bronze Pack 500 searches(1.50€/search)

AMLcheck Bronze
Pack 500 searches

750 *Exc. VAT

AMLcheck allows you to manually enter a name of person or asset and check, at the moment, their coincidence or not with the names contained in the database of subjects included in official lists of sanctions, terrorism, organized crime or PEPs. In addition, it allows to download an evidence of the search for future checks and audits.


The Bronze Version is a pack that allows 500 searches in AMLcheck. With this version, each search has a cost of 1.50 euros.


The carrying out of searches through AMLcheck does not exempt the client from responsibility in complying with the regulations on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.


Taxes not included. The search package will expire one year after the payment has been made, even if all the searches have not been consumed. Once the cost has been paid, credentials will be provided, together with the invoice, so that you can begin your checks.


Information provided by Dow Jones Risk & Compliance.



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